Greeting’s KLEA Members,

It is with great excitement that KLEA gets to welcome nominations for the 2023 “Clifton Meloan Award”! Dr. Clifton E. Meloan was an integral part in the origination of KLEA and a major reason why the organization thrives today. The Kansas Laboratory Education Association’s, “Clifton Meloan Award” is presented annually to associates and constituents of the State of Kansas who, in a given year, are recognized for supporting the mission statement of the KLEA, and for “Extraordinary Service and Dedication to the Association and the Scientific Laboratory Field within the state of Kansas”

With that, we will begin accepting nominations for 2023. Please send nominations to and include the nominee’s first name, last name, and a paragraph explaining how the nominee has exemplified the definition of the “Clifton Meloan Award”. Once all nominations have been collected the KLEA board will choose a recipient to be announced at the conference in May. We look forward to hearing from you!

KLEA Mission:

To foster high standards of performance within the Scientific Laboratory Professional community, to promote continued dialogue between the Laboratories of the State of Kansas, and to promote and develop high standards in Sampling, Analysis, and Testing methods. And also the Development of Safe, Sustainable, and environmentally conscious methods of operation for those Laboratories.